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Did you know?

White Oak Animal is now offering Chiropractic services. We would like to welcome Dr. Julia Wolfe DVM, DABVP to our practice. Dr. Wolfe is certified by the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association. She looks forward to meeting our wonderful clients and helping their pets feel better.

Have you noticed your best friend....

  • Acting sluggish?
  • Shaking their head?
  • Having difficulty with stairs?
  • Yelps when he/she is picked up?
  • Is painful when lying down and getting up?
  • Seems stiff or sore?

Contact us to setup an appointment for consultation and a chiropractic adjustment.

White Oak Animal Hospital offers

Doctor's Corner

"Pepper's Priceless Points"

I love a bargain. I need to get the most for the minimum price! My kids laugh that "Extreme Cheapskates" is a show giving me crazy ideas. I must admit, I tried the “cheapskate car wash" by soaping up my car before a heavy rain. I also am making my own laundry detergent at a cost of four dollars for five gallons!! I am on a quest to have it all.

In my vet life, the same dream drives my patient care. I want my patients living long happy lives for the least amount of impact to mom and dad's wallet. I hate to present a pet care estimate to an owner that makes them choose between pet hardship and financial hardship. My years as a veterinarian have lead me to discover how to avoid a large vet bill and I hope what I have learned through the years can help!

Dr. Pepper's Top Five Tips to Keep Your Pet and Your Pocketbook Happy:

1. Avoid fractured teeth Do not give your pet anything to chew that is harder than their teeth!- At least once a week I find a cracked tooth on a dog who crunched down on something too hard! The usual culprits: real bones, non-digestible Nylabones, and antlers.
$$ Average cost of treatment $300

2. Avoid pancreatitis On a regular basis; I have to hospitalize patients for pancreatitis. This is a severe disease that can be life threatening. Unfortunately, 75% of these cases have been caused by an owner who just wanted to give their beloved furry friend a special meal. The usual culprits: chicken nuggets, the doggie bag prime rib, shared Ben & Jerry's (i.e. anything fatty).
$$$ Average cost of treatment $900

3. Avoid foreign bodies Several times a month; we seem to have a rash of dogs and cats eating non-digestible items. Unfortunately, if these items obstruct the intestines, the pets will die if they are not surgically removed. The usual culprits: rope toys, socks, string, hair bands, underpants, torn up dog toys, and torn up towels.
$$$$ Average cost of treatment $1500

4. Avoid obesity The most common reasons why obesity breaks the bank are large active dogs that rupture their knee ligament (ACL) or chubby cats that become diabetic. Not to mention the number of obese arthritic patients I see that would not need pain medications if they had normal weight on their joints.
$$$$$ Average cost of treatment $3000 for ACL surgery, $1000 for initial diabetic stabilization

5. Avoid preventable accidents Do not allow your pet outside unsupervised. Hit by cars and cat fight wounds are avoidable!
$-$$$$$$$ Average cost of treatment Hit by car $700-$5000, Bite wounds $100-$1000

Last but not least, I want to point out that sometimes "bowel movements" happen and I know many of my patients have been saved by pet insurance. Consider calling and get a quote for your pets. The major companies offer many options from wellness to trauma plans. Certainly, if we can be of any help with advice on insuring your pets, let us know.

- Sandi Pepper, DVM

Hospital Hours

Convenient early morning drop-off hours start at 7:00am, Monday through Friday.
Evening appointment hours available until 8:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday.
Monday, Wednesday & Friday...7:00am-6:30pm
Tuesday & Thursday...7:00am-8:00pm

Questions? Send us an e-mail at woah@woahvets.com !