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If you own a cat, you may dread your feline’s annual veterinary visits. Cats are territorial, creatures of habit that do not adjust well to being crammed in a carrier, bumped along in a car then deposited on an odd smelling exam table to be touched by strangers. However, cats are pros at hiding illness, so preventative care at their annual exams is truly important, and should not be avoided.

Here are a few things you can do to help lower your cat’s stress (and yours) for its yearly wellness exams. First, take out your cat carrier several days before the exam to acclimate your cat to seeing it without being wrestled into it. Try putting toys or high value treats in it to lure your cat in and out for a reward. You can also try randomly putting the cage out throughout the year for a few days then restoring it so that your cat doesn’t always associate the cage with a scary trip. You can also lower stress by using a synthetic calming pheromone spray or wipes, such as Feliway, on the carrier. Next, be sure to safely secure the carrier in the car with a seat belt or on the floorboard.

Once at the hospital, we’ll do our part to lower your cat’s stress through handling techniques adjusted to your cat’s comfort level.

To see these tips in action, check out this funny YouTube video by Dr. Andy Roark of Cleveland Park Animal Hospital – “Get your cat to the vet."

Dr. Jennifer Skarbek

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